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Kaiulani Spices
Kai holding her famous curried rice

A Story about Passion

Kai Cowell has a passion for health and nature. As a proud Filipina she learned the importance of healthy ingredients from her mother at local farmer’s markets.

Culinary School, famed restaurants and travel only grew this passion. After years of hearing, “I do not know how to cook even from friends,” Kai merged all she learned into Ka’ iulani Spices where good health meets mother nature with only the finest Organic Spices from Kai and her family to yours.

Relieves muscular aches; has healing properties to help treat asthma
Reduces blood pressure & is a natural antioxidant; strengthens digestion activities
Helps the body to absorb iron; protects against an antibacterial protein that controls the growth of certain bacteria
The Healing
Power of Spices

The practice of using foods and herbs for their healing properties can be traced to ancient China, Japan, India, and Greece. Ka`iulani Spices uses over 23 different herbs & spices in our small batch freshly roasted, ground and packed blends; maintaining the effectiveness of this wealth of health benefits to you.

7 kaiulani spice bottles with three 8oz bags
Helps with anemia; treats depression; relieves pain, helps with Alzheimer's.
Star Anise
Rich in shikimic acid, considered to have disease preventing and treating properties
Helps prevent cataracts, improves kidney functions, promotes hair growth
A Taste of
Ka’iulani Spices
I used your Kona Coffee Spices last evening to rave reviews from my husband. I just wanted you to know how great they are.
Kathrine Drury Wagner Honolulu Magazine
I was recently at a dinner party when the hostess told me she had to show me some spices she loved. They were yours!!
Chef Peter Foster Memoirs, Honolulu
You got it going on. No words can tell you what you have happening in your mouth…. I have made a number of my own dishes and added your spices and it came out better than ever.
Janet Ware San Francisco
I hate to cook but this cooking class inspired me to try making a healthy meal a fun family adventure in my own home. What could be better than doing something together that is healthy and fun?
Linda M Honolulu
I met you a couple months ago on Maui at Down to Earth. Thank goodness you offered your sample food to me that day! My Family and I are hooked!! We have your tomato pasta recipe once a week. It’s so crave-able!...I am so blessed to have met you. Thanks for sharing your recipe sheet and expanding my cooking horizon with your fabulous herbs!
Mariah York
The Kona Coffee rub is out of this world! We bought a pound more through your website along with your Hawaiian spice rub.
Ray Brand
Some good friends of mine are currently visiting the island, and I’ve commanded them to visit the Saturday Market this weekend, and urgently advised them to find you…I am excited for them to meet you. I’ve told them about you, that you have an amazing heart and are so beautiful inside and out, while your spices are brilliant, it is actually knowing you that makes cooking with them an act of Love.
Julie Brauer
I totally ran out of the Exotic Curry and I’m finding myself in dire need if some. Potatoes and rice and everything else are just not the same without it!
Linda Ishihara
Thank you, thank you, thank you! We used the Spice Rub on 40 pounds of pork shoulder, smoked with hickory for 14 hours at 225 degrees. Our family reunion Luau night on the lake was a huge success. Everyone loved the flavors and many people asked about Ka’iulani Spices…Great rub, great service, and all ate with a really big smile!
David Coe